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Affordably Advance Work Based on Overall Plan and Scientific Survey--SINOCHEM Ningbo's 2011 work conference on project management

SINOCHEM Ningbo's 2011 work conference on project management was held at the meeting room on the 12th floor of the headquarters on Feb. 25. The conference was attended by President Liu Jianping, Managers of the Project Management Division, Che Yuxi and Tian Zhaofeng, Directors of the project management sections of the subordinate enterprises, Wang Yunfei, Chen Minjie, Kong Shiwei, Yan Jianghua, Pan Zhaogeng, and Shang Shougang, as well as the whole staff of the Project Management Division.

As the chair of the meeting, Mr. Yu Jianguo, manager of the Project Management Division, generally spoke of SINOCHEM Ningobo's work on the project management, and conveyed the Company's experience and requirement. And then, Mr. Shen Taobo form the Division detailed on the application of the management system and techniques.

On the afternoon of the 25th, participants of subordinate enterprises exchanged their experience as well as the problems they encounter in projects management. They agreed that progress and expense in project construction and standardization and operativity should be coordinated in the project management. Mr. Che Yuxi, manager of the Company's Project Management Division, consulted with the participants over the headaches in the course of projects construction, evaluation and appraisal, bid and tender, contract streamline and cost control. He also made specific suggestions and put forward operative techniques in line with the Company's standardization.

At the end of the meeting, President Liu made a guideline speech over the project management, suggesting that SINOCHEM Ningbo, as a foreign trade company, had to take its own advantage of industrial development and investment. Finally, he expressed thanks to the Project Management Division for their work and performance, and motivated the Division to make greater efforts to upgrade the management quality.

The conference provided participants with opportunities to exchange and learn from each other over the work of project management, which enable them to have a better understanding of the work and President Liu’s speech on Affordably Advancing Work Based on Overall Plan and Scientific Survey.

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