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As a designated department in export and domestic trade, the Petrochemicals Division mainly handles energy and petrochemical products including heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil, straight-run oil, mixed aromatic, MTBE, C4, petroleum coke, bitumen, sulfur, etc. Upholding the vision of “constructing networks and creating brands”, the Division maintains a long-term, trustworthy and steady collaboration with magnitudes of clients. Its business is well-grounded in East China, radiating along the shorelines of the Yangtze River, the region of Pearl River Delta and the Bohai-rimmed Region. It has also established steady and good outlets for supply and trade in the US, EU, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, and other nations and regions.

Core Products

Heavy fuel oil like 180CST, 380CST, 250# residue oil, slurry oil, etc.;

Light fuel oil like extracted diesel, power kerosene, industrially refined oil, shale oil, etc.;

Petrochemicals like straight-run oil, mixed aromatic, synthetic, oil gas, bitumen, MTBE, etc.

With Ninhua Group's credible brands, the Division will take full advantage of the Company's capital and resources to be a first-class exporter and distributor of resource products like petrochemicals in East China through promoting its specialized and differentiated operating modes. 

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